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Oct 1, 2020
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Hi new user, I'm m4sterph0enix founder of Hacktoday.net.

I welcome you to the forum.

We also thank you for registering to join our community. Hacktoday.net as you know is a community dedicated to pentesting, and programming and IT :)

"Our goal is to share knowledge to improve understanding of the web and information technology."​

By joining this community you do not share the thought and above all the Regulations, which we invite you to consult to avoid incurring penalties. If you have any other questions, we invite you to read our FAQ so as to have clearer some of the basic mechanics of the forum such as User Levels and Trophies, finally, know that the Staff is available for any clarification via the Contact Us form in the footer.

I invite you to introduce yourself to get to know us better and to make yourself known to the rest of the community before going to explore the forum.

We would like to know how did you found Hacktoday.net, your age, and interests and if you would like to tell us your name as well. Our users will be happy to welcome you.

Have a good day!
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