Phpbash - A semi-interactive PHP shell compressed into a single file


phpbash is a standalone, semi-interactive web shell. It’s main purpose is to assist in penetration tests where traditional reverse shells are not possible. The design is based on the default Kali Linux terminal colors, so pentesters should feel right at home.


Javascript must be enabled on the client browser for phpbash to work properly. The target machine must also allow execution of the shell_exec PHP function, although it is very simple to modify the script to use an alternate function.


  • Requires only a single PHP file
  • POST-based requests
  • Support for current working directory
  • Command history with arrow keys
  • Upload files directly to target directory

Have a feature idea? Open an Issue.

Custom Commands

  • cd Return to default shell directory
  • cd <path> Change directory
  • cd - Return to previous directory
  • clear Clears all output
  • upload Opens the file browser and uploads selected file


Simply drop the phpbash.php or phpbash.min.php file on the target and access it with any Javascript-enabled web browser.