New to hacking. Need help

Hey, I am new. I need help finding places to learn. I wanna be a Whit hat hacker as a profession when I’m older. Is anyone here an expert that could be my personal teacher? If not, What are some good resources? I want to be able to use my windows laptop to break into my phone, and other things wirelessly. I want to be able to build firewalls and break through firewalls. I just really like the idea of it. It sounds fun and I love computers. I have been learning c++ for 2 years. So I think I can go up to this. Let me know, thanks.

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Hi Jappz,

I am by far no expert and the process of learning will only end when no new technologys are created.
It is a good thing to understand the basics of firewalls. To get in touch with this there are some open source and some closed source firewall-systems freely available:

Cisco ASA Virtual Appliance
sophos (Astaro) UTM Software Appliance
sophos XG Firewall

The list is for sure incomplete and you will find other firewallsystems out there, too.
Most of them are based on a Unix Kernel. You for sure won’t get around learning some of that.
Hacking means in every way learning by doing.Try and error is a daily routine. You sure need to motivate yourself to try reach your goal again and again in every possible way.

Softwaredevelopment helps you to be more efficient and it is a good way to learn basics of networking.
Firstly you have to make sure your development system is not connected to the internet in any way. Make sure the software you develop can not reach the outside world and harm your own network. Allways work with a test-infrastructure so nothing interferes your tests. You may also like the keep an eye on the #Hacking-Tutorials Section for further tutorials to try out in your testlab.

Greetings marthoman

By the way raspberry pis are a cheap way to have physical clients on your network even with windows on them but also to get to know some linux distribustions.

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