Journey of getting OSCP certificatio

Path to OSCP - Part 1

First part of my series on how and what I learn as I prepare and, eventually, go through the OSCP certification within the next two months.

Path to OSCP - Part 2

Here’s the second episode on my path to becoming OSCP certified.

Path to OSCP - Part 3

Wherein I discuss good experiences reading OSCP course reviews (no spoilers), getting organized, sharing links, etc.

Path to OSCP - Part 4

Documentation is and will be a crucial part of this course.

Path to OSCP - Part 5, Day 1

HERE WE GO! Lab day 1 done. Trying out KeepNote for note-keeping.

Path to OSCP - Part 6, Day 2 and 3

Starting to get overwhelmed with the amount of recon data being produced by following the exercises.

Path to OSCP - Part 7, Day 4 and 5

Customizing payloads for public exploits is a must! Trust no one!

Path to OSCP - Part 8, Day 6

First lab machine pwned! And I have proof!

Path to OSCP - Part 9, Day 7 and 8

After finishing the materials I am even more overwhelmed with the amount of recon data I have!

Path to OSCP - Part 10, Days 9, 10 and 11

Found my first dual-homed system and got a glimpse at a new network!

Path to OSCP - Part 11, Days 12-14

Two weeks in, I have a bunch of machines, and still feeling confident!

Path to OSCP - Part 12, Days 15-17

I have 13 days left in the labs. I am still feeling quite confident - whether this is foolhardy or not, we’ll see at the start of April.

Path to OSCP - Part 13, Days 18-21

Shouting when you should be quiet; running when you should be standing still.

Path to OSCP - Part 14, Days 22-25

Last stretch of the labs! Just over a week to go till the exam.

Path to OSCP - Part 15, Days 26-30

while (true) switchBetweenExcitementAndPanic();

Path to OSCP - Part 16, The Day Before

After finishing the lab report I am agonizing over how to most efficiently use my time in the exam.

Path to OSCP - Part 17, Failure is always an option

404 Multifail. It hurts. Argh!

Path to OSCP - Part 18, Self-assessment and next steps

I appreciate your messages. I read them mostly the same day you sent them, but I’ve been just slowly digesting all of the overwhelmingly supportive feedback …

Path to OSCP - Appendix A, How to ask for help

I want to help people, but I don’t want it to cost me my certificates so I need to protect my best interest here.

Path to OSCP - Part 19, Back in the labs!

Our hero returns to the lab environment, befuddled by olden tools.

Path to OSCP - Part 20, s02e02

Asking for help and asking for too much help is a fine line to keep. I got frustrated.

Path to OSCP - Part 21, some Qs and As

Here are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.

Path to OSCP - Part 22, Redo the needful

It’s a wrap! Pwning done, exercises done.

Path to OSCP - Part 23, Hope

Exam done. Uncertain about passing, but very hopeful!

Path to OSCP - OSCP.

Dear Jan, We are happy to inform you that you have successfully completed the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux certification exam and have obtained your O…

Path to OSCP - FIN

Recapping the course and time spent.

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