HSCTF 7 - Web Challenges

HSCTF 7 event organize by HSN CS Club. There are 6 web challenges. Let’s begin with the walkthrough.

1. Blurry Eyes

It is a beginner level web challenge.

Description: “I can’t see :(”

We are provided with a link and if we browse the URL we get!

If we look at the bottom of the web page there’s a blurry text.


Let’s inspect it

There’s a span class with strange class string.

<span class="poefKuKjNPojzLDf"></span>

If we check the header there’s a stylesheet named style.css and search for the poefKuKjNPojzLDf class.

There’s our flag.

"f" "l" "a" "g" "{" "g" "l" "a" "s" "s" "e" "s" "_" "a" "r" "e" "_" "u" "s" "e" "f" "u" "l" "}"

Let’s remove double quotes and space within our flag.

root@m4sterph0enix:~# echo ""f" "l" "a" "g" "{" "g" "l" "a" "s" "s" "e" "s" "_" "a" "r" "e" "_" "u" "s" "e" "f" "u" "l" "}"" | sed 's/"//g'
f l a g { g l a s s e s _ a r e _ u s e f u l }

root@m4sterph0enix:~# echo "f l a g { g l a s s e s _ a r e _ u s e f u l }" | sed 's/ //g'


2. Inspector Gadget

If we browse the URL we’ll get this


As the challenge name hinted inspected we can assume that’s it has something to do with page source code.

Let’s take a look at the page source.

We see our flag in comments.