Cracking WPA2 Using Airgeddon

Good afternoon everyone,its my pleasure to put this up during my time at work,i have tested this and its work,so you want to hack wifi just because you see them all around,i have’nt yet seen hackers who can just hack wifi just 5mins,well this gonna take time to get the password,its can take as much time depend on how fast your PC is and time.


working PC atleast 2.4ghz
4GB ram upward,(8GB rec)
workstation or whereever you install your OS.
this time arround try to use parrot or update your Kali to Latest Version
just upgrade apt update && apt -y full-upgrade

you can check this video if you want

you don’t wanna waste your data watching video? check this out for full details.

don’t forget to get cupp to create your own wordlist(get this from github)

python -i (for interact)